Gunhild Carling - Queen of Swing

Gunhild Carling - Queen of Swing

Sat 11/12/228:00 PM


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Gunhild Carling Queen of Swing's Big Band Show comes to Rhode Island! A Multi Instrumentalist singer and dancer performs alongside her Big Band with strings.

Gunhild Carling is a Swedish Jazz Star. She plays multiple instruments, sings and tap dances. She performs all over the world, Over 50 million views in Youtube, facebook and other platforms.

Gunhild plays several instruments such as trombone, trumpet, recorder, bagpipe, harmonica, drums and piano and tour around Europe since a very early age together with her family. She has also toured all over the US with American Band Postmodern Jukebox

Gunhild Carling is a TV celebrity in Sweden, with several TV shows as Allsang pa skansen, Let’s Dance (Dancing with the stars, Sweden and made it to 3rd place), Fangarna pa Fortet (fear factory), Sa skall det lata (songwriter’s board), America’s Got Talent, and ABC news.

Vintage dress is encouraged!

Tickets: $31, $36, $41