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Explore the levels and benefits of Stadium Membership!

The Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre offers several levels of membership. From our Friend Membership to our Legend Membership, we have a level that will suit you.

Friend $50

• Stadium Member Presale Privileges
• Your Name Listed in Our Program Book
• Voting Privileges at Our Annual Meeting
• Invitations to Special Events

Supporting Actor $100

Friend Benefits plus...
• 2 Ticket Vouchers*
• 2 Concessions Vouchers

Stage Manager $250

Friend Benefits plus...
• 4 Ticket Vouchers*
• 4 Concessions and 4 Pub Vouchers
• 2 Tickets to the Auction For the Arts

Director $500

Friend Benefits plus...
• 8 Ticket Vouchers*
• 8 Concessions and 8 Pub Vouchers
• 4 Tickets to the Auction For the Arts

Producer $1,000

Friend Benefits plus...
• A Legacy Seat Plaque
• 12 Ticket Vouchers*
• 12 Concessions and 12 Pub Vouchers
• 6 Tickets to the Auction For the Arts

Star $3,000

Friend Benefits plus...
• A Legacy Seat Plaque
• 25 Ticket Vouchers*
• 25 Concessions and 25 Pub Vouchers
• 6 Tickets to the Auction For the Arts

Tony Award $5,000

Star Benefits plus...
• First Class Limousine Service to attend dinner and a Stadium show.**
• A standing ovation and our undying gratitude!

*See below for a list of shows that are eligible for Ticket Vouchers.
**Please call the Stadium Box Office for further details.
Stadium Membership is valid for one year from date of purchase.
Each Stadium Membership is entitled to one vote at the Stadium's Annual Meeting.

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You can double your Impact with a Corporate Matching Gift!

Do you work for a matching gift company? 

Why not check with your Human Resources Department. The impact of a gift you’ve already made could be doubled to the Stadium Theatre; sometimes it’s as easy as filling out a simple form. And, while you’re at it -- don’t forget to check to see if your spouse’s company matches, too!

For further information about doubling the impact of your gift, please contact us at or call 401-762-4545.