10-Week Theatre Courses

For Kindergarten through Adult


When are the 10-Week Courses held?

Several seasonal sessions of 10-week theatre education courses are offered throughout the year. Each course is held once a week for 10 weeks.

Registration is now open for the Stadium's Spring Session of 10-Week Courses!

What do the 10-Week Courses cost?

Tuition per course (or per session) ranges from $125 to $200.

Save $25! Sibling Discounts are Available. Discount applied per each additional child.

How can I register for the 10-Week Courses?

Online registration can be found on each 10-Week Theatre Course page. The courses are listed below.

Musical Theatre Production- For 1st to 8th Grade

4 Sessions Held Throughout the Week - April through June

Learn More About Musical Theatre Production

Stadium Soundwaves - For 9th Grade to 12th Grade

Held Tuesdays - April 9th to June 11th

Learn more about Stadium Soundwaves

Stage Tech - For 7th Grade to 12th Grade

Held Mondays - April 9th to June 11th

Learn more about Stage Tech

Stage Makeup - For 9th Grade to Adult

Held Thursdays - April 12th to June 14th

Learn more about Stage Makeup

Theatre Tikes - For Pre-K to K

Held Saturdays - April 14th to June 16th

Learn more about Theatre Tikes