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Accessible Seating

The Stadium Theatre accommodates guests with disabilities.

  • When purchasing tickets, notify the Box Office of any physical limitations that may restrict seating assignments.
  • Companion Tickets
    At a minimum, based upon availability, you will be permitted to purchase tickets for you and one guest beside you. You may also purchase tickets based upon availability for additional guests in close proximity to our wheelchair sections.
  • Walkers or Wheelchairs
    It is encouraged for guests who require a walker or wheelchair to purchase tickets in the handicap seating area. If a guest requires handicap seating and does not have tickets in this area, please be advised that the Stadium does not store mobility devices. Handicap seating is available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Temporary Disabilities
    If you have a temporary disability/injury and you have already purchased tickets to an event, please call the Box Office and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to attend the event in a comfortable and enjoyable manner. When calling, please have the event, date, section, row, and seat available.

Rhode Island Fire Marshal prohibits guests from blocking aisles at any time.

Alcohol Management
For most events at the Stadium Theatre, alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.  Stadium Theatre bar staff is trained in the nationally recognized T.I.P.S. (Training for Intervention Procedures) training program for responsible alcohol management. guests may be required to show ID to purchase alcohol. Guests are not permitted to bring in alcoholic beverages from outside and may not leave with alcohol purchased inside the Stadium Theatre. Management reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any guest.

Service Animals
Service animals are permitted at the Stadium Theatre.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service animal as any dog, such as a guide dog or signal dog that is individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.  This includes psychiatric service animals that are individually trained to provide service to individuals with psychiatric or neurological disabilities, such as preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors.  Service animals must be harnessed, leashed or tethered at all times, unless special circumstances exist, and will be required to rest in the seating area of the individual with a disability, rather than in the aisle.  A guest whose service animal poses a threat to the safety of other guests and employees, or whose animal is not housebroken, may be asked to escort the animal off the premises.

Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive listening devices are available for hearing impaired individuals at no charge. Please see an usher and a driver’s license or credit card will be requested as a deposit.

Beverages and Food
Outside food and beverages, including water, are not permitted in the Stadium Theatre at any time. Beverages and snacks purchased at the Theatre may be taken to your seat.

Video cameras/audio recorders, still cameras, iPads and photography of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Any guest not in compliance of these camera guidelines may be asked to leave.

Cell Phones
Cell Phones are allowed in the Stadium Theatre but they must be set to silent mode. Talking or texting on your phone during a performance is strictly prohibited.

Using your cell phone to record video or audio is strictly prohibited. Using your cell phone to take photos is strictly prohibited.

Any guest not in compliance of these cell phone guidelines may be asked to leave.

Children under the age of two are not permitted. All guests regardless of age must have a ticket. However; at any event, anyone who interferes with the enjoyment of another individual is subject to removal from the Stadium Theatre.

Coat Check
The Stadium does not provide an area to check coats or any other personal belongings. We are not responsible for any property that is lost, stolen or damaged.

Code of Conduct (see a detailed Code of Conduct)
We ask all guests to be respectful of others around them. Any guest who interferes with the enjoyment of another individual during an event is subject to removal from the Theatre, this includes guests wearing large hats or heavy perfumes or colognes. During performances we ask all guests to remain seated for the duration of the performance. Depending on the demographics of certain events (such as concerts), standing may be accepted as normal protocol. Guests are permitted to stand if the majority of the audience is doing the same. Some entertainers will instruct the Stadium staff not to ask anyone to sit down during their performance. Standing on seats or any other building structure is not permitted and may result in removal from the event.

If you are looking for a snack or a drink at an event, please stop by our concessions stand to purchase candy, soda, and bottled water. At most events, popcorn is available for purchase as well as beer, wine, and spirits. You may use your American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card at concessions or the bar.  Food and drink is allowed in the seating area, however we ask that you be respectful of the Stadium Theatre and others sitting around you.

Door Opening Times
Doors open 45 minutes prior to show time unless otherwise indicated.

Dress Code
Unless otherwise noted, the Stadium Theatre does not have a formal dress code.  We do ask, however, that you use your best personal judgment when dressing for an event.   All persons, bags and over-sized garments are subject to search. The only bags that will be allowed must be no larger than 12x12x6. 

Gift Certificates
Gift Cards are available and may be used for ALL events held at the Stadium Theatre.

Stadium Gift Cards can be purchased at the Stadium Box Office, by phone at 401-762-4545 or online.


Hold Harmless
The holder of this ticket assumes all risks incident to attending the event for which it was issued, whether such risks occur prior to, during, or subsequent to the actual performance. The ticket holder agrees to hold the Stadium Theatre and other participating presenters or producers harmless from any damages or injuries that might arise in the course of being a theatre patron.

Inclement Weather
The Stadium Theatre rarely cancels or postpones events due to inclement weather.  Please be advised that tickets for all events are sold on a non-refundable and non-exchangeable basis.  This stipulation is clearly marked on each ticket.  In the instance of inclement weather the Stadium Theatre will hold the performance on the original date and time unless the Governor of Rhode Island declares a state of emergency and bans travel on all roads. In the event of such a declaration, the performance will be rescheduled or ticket holders will be refunded.  Should a decision be made to cancel or postpone an event, this information will be posted, as soon as we receive it, on our website as well as on our main information telephone line at 401-762-4545.

Late Arrivals
Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of management in the consideration of our performers and other audience members.

Lost and Found
Please contact our Box Office at 401-762-4545 to inquire about the possible recovery of any lost items. If you have lost an item while at an event, please speak to any Box Office representative for assistance.

Lost Tickets
If you have lost your tickets before your event takes place, please call the Box Office at 401-762-4545.

Prohibited Items
We ask all guests to arrive early and travel light as you may be subject to search. We ask that our guests avoid bringing unnecessary items. Among items that are prohibited from the Stadium Theatre are: weapons, laser pens, strollers, helium balloons, large hats, over-sized bags, outside food and beverage, including water, cans, bottles, alcohol, drugs, video cameras, monopods, tripods, audio recording devices, and all types and variations of cameras. Photography of any kind, including cellphones is strictly prohibited.

Visit the Security Searches section for more information.

Refunds & Exchanges
The Stadium Theatre has a no refund, no exchange policy on tickets for all events. This stipulation is clearly marked on each ticket.

Schedule of Events
The Stadium Theatre updates our Event Calendar as soon as events are confirmed. Please visit our current Event Calendar.

See our entire list of scheduled events

Seating Capacity
For most events, the seating capacity is approximately 1,088, however, this capacity does change depending on the scaling of the event.

Seating Chart
You may access our seating chart by visiting our seating chart page.

View our Seating Chart

Security Searches
The Stadium Theatre asks all guests to arrive early and travel light. All persons, bags and oversized garments are subject to search. Bags that have passed inspection must fit comfortably under your seat. Oversized bags are prohibited. The only bags that will be allowed must be no larger than 12x12x6.  The Stadium Theatre does not provide an area to check bags, coats or any other personal belongings. We are not responsible for any property that is lost, stolen, or damaged. At any event patrons may be subject to random hand held metal detector searches.

If you wish to request an exception to the Stadium's bag policy, for medical supplies or dietary considerations, please send an email, at least 48 hours in advance of the event you plan to attend, to You will receive a response within 48 hours of sending your email.

Visit the Prohibited Items section for more information.

The Stadium Theatre is a smoke-free establishment. No smoking of any kind is allowed including E-Cigarettes.

During some concerts, the artists may request that guests be permitted to stand immediately in front of their seats during the entirety of the performance. On those occasions, standing guests shall continue to be respectful of others around them and avoid blocking the view of other guests.  Standing on seats or any other building structure is not permitted.  Any guest not in compliance will be asked to leave.

The Stadium Theatre prohibits strollers.

Third Party Ticket Sales
The Stadium Theatre does not accept any tickets purchased through third party vendors. Valid tickets are only sold through the Stadium Theatre Box Office or from

Ticket Stubs
Please keep your ticket stub on your person as it is proof that you are entitled to be in attendance at the event. This also designates your correct seat location.  This information will also help our staff locate your party in the event that you become separated. Stadium Theatre staff may ask to see your ticket at any time during the event.  You will also need to keep your ticket stub in the rare occurrence an event is cut short for any reason.

Guests, including law enforcement personnel not present in an official capacity, are prohibited from bringing weapons into the venue. The Stadium Theatre does not provide weapon lockers. Weapons may not be checked in at the Guest Services kiosk. Weapons include, but are not limited to, the following: Firearms, explosives, stun guns, handcuffs, brass knuckles, sticks, clubs, batons, martial arts instruments, pepper spray, tear gas, and knives with blades over 2 inches in length. Guests found in possession of the above-mentioned items will be asked to remove the item from the venue or dispose of it. Guests who refuse to comply will be evicted from the venue.

Will Call
The Will Call booth is located in the Stadium Theatre arcade, under the Stadium Marquee.  If you are picking up tickets at Will Call, please bring valid photo ID.  Please be aware that the Will Call window generally closes 1/2 hour after the event start time.

Code of Conduct

In order for all guests to have a pleasurable experience, we require that guests adhere to these codes of conduct.

  • Guests shall be respectful of others around them. This includes talking, making noises (voluntary or involuntary) during a performance and wearing heavy perfumes or colognes.
  • Guests shall avoid blocking the view of other guests.
  • During some concerts, the artists may request that guests be permitted to stand immediately in front of their seats during the entirety of the performance. On those occasions, standing guests shall continue to be respectful of others around them and avoid blocking the view of other guests.
  • Guests shall not interfere with the event or the performers in any way.
  • Guests shall refrain from using foul/offensive language, fighting, obscene gestures, throwing objects and engaging in other behavior detrimental to the experience of other guests.
  • Guests shall adhere to the instructions and directions of theatre staff.
  • Guests shall not stand on seats or any other building structure.
  • Guests shall not block the aisles.
  • Guests shall not occupy a seat or remain in an area for which they do not possess a valid ticket and shall provide their ticket upon request.
  • As required by the City of Woonsocket, guests shall not smoke anywhere in our facility.
  • Guests who consume alcoholic beverages shall do so in a responsible manner.
  • Guests are encouraged to report inappropriate or offensive behavior to an Usher, Security Officer or Guest Relations Representative.
  • Guests shall comply with requests from Stadium Theatre staff regarding theatre operational and emergency procedures.

The Stadium Theatre staff has been trained to intervene when deemed necessary and to use their best discretion to help ensure that guests who ignore the Code of Conduct do not interfere with other guests' ability to enjoy an event. Guests who violate the Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection without refund and, to the extent their conduct constitutes a violation of law, may be subject to arrest.

We thank you for your cooperation.