Photos of the Stadium Grand Hall and Lobby

Photos taken by Frank Grace of Trig Photography

Photos of the Stadium Marquee Room

Photos taken Jordan Harris and by Frank Grace of Trig Photography

The Stadium Conservatory

The Stadium Theatre Foundation is restoring the adjoining four story building now known as the Stadium Conservatory. Within those walls are dedicated spaces for costuming, set and prop building, and will have spaces for rehearsal and performing arts classes. It will also feature a recording and photo studio, annex dressing rooms and a 150 seat black box theatre.

A portion of the Conservatory project is funded by the Creative and Cultural Bond issue that was approved last November. The Stadium Theatre is grateful that the voters recognized the positive impact which the Stadium Theatre makes in our community. The Stadium Conservatory will become a recognized and respected center for the performing and theatre arts education.

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Photos taken by Frank Grace of Trig Photography