A Message from the CEO, Cathy Levesque

Cathy Levesque - Stadium Theatre Executive Director/CEO

Since 1926 the Stadium Theatre has played an integral part of our community’s cultural, economic and educational development. Today, almost one hundred years later, we continue to be a vibrant source of entertainment in the region that provides countless affordable events and educational programming for all those who wish to participate.

We offer shows and concerts that are plentiful and diverse. Many are not aware that half of the events we present each season are produced right here at the Stadium Theatre. Our philosophy recognizes the importance of offering a world-class venue to local and regional artists.

The Stadium Conservatory is where we build our in-house productions. It features stunning rehearsal spaces, as well as scene, prop and costume shops and is the main hub for our education programs. The fourth floor is under construction, and with support from people like you, it will be the new location of staff offices. Moving the staff to the fourth floor will free up space for a gift and coffee shop for our guests to enjoy.

If these developments excite you, please support us and if you have the time and you are looking for fun, we would love to welcome you as a valued volunteer. There is a wealth of pride that is held by our Stadium family and our community, we hope that you will join us and become a part of it!

Best regards,

Cathy Levesque
Executive Director/CEO