Theatrical Cast & Crew Registration

Whether you are performing on stage or helping to run the event from behind the curtain, joining the Stadium Theatre team is never dull! Click the button below to register with us for your upcoming production.

Thank you for being part of our team and for all you do at the Stadium Theatre & Conservatory. You play an integral role in helping to keep our programs and events affordable, so that all may experience the power of the performing arts.

• This program is used as a communication tool. It keeps participants up to date with important information and includes invitations to free events.

• This program gives the user the ability to personalize their information, sign up for opportunities, review upcoming schedules and track earned points.

• Under the age of 18 no ID is required. Contact information may be the youth or the legal guardian’s.

• Once the registration is complete, you will be eligible to receive a FOB to gain entry to the space you are working in.

Click here to register as a Theatrical Cast or Crew Member