Freaky Friday Character Breakdown

Character Descriptions

The Family

Ellie Blake: our hero, 16, smart, funny;baggy, rumpled clothes;messy hair that hasn’t seen a comb today, or yesterday.

Katherine Blake: Ellie’s mother, decisive, lovely, punctual.

Fletcher Blake: Ellie’s brother, 10, eccentric, naïve;obsessed with his puppets.

Mike: Katherine’s fiancé, confident, charming, kind

The Students

Gretchen: Ellie’s best friend-intense, emotional but lacks confidence

Hannah: also Ellie’s best friend-hacker-geek, nerdgirl

Adam: the Listmaker – a paragon of adorable cool

Savannah: the villain-brilliant, aggressive, a winner

Parker: best friends with Wells

Wells: best friends with Parker

Laurel: unimpressed with the world

The Adults

Torrey: Katherine’s assistant – high-strung perfectionist

Grandpa Gordon: Katherine’s father-grumpy, stubborn, old-school

Grandma Helene: Katherine’s mother-fiercely opinionated, because she cares

Danielle: Wedding Magazine journalist-polished, grimly cheerful

Louis: Wedding Magazine photographer-seen it all, loves his job

Dr. Ehrin: school counselor-test-obsessed and overworked

Mr. Blumen: Biology teacher-a cynical lifer

Pastor Bruno: cheerful and loves weddings

Mrs. Lukenbill: English teacher-empathetic

Senor O’Brien: Spanish teacher-pugnacious

Ms. Meyers: Gym teacher-extremely intense

Officers Sitz and Kowalski: police officers who are rough around the edges

Mrs. Time: antique shop proprietor-apathetic, does not like teenagers


Catering Staff, Students, Savannah’s Minions, Parents, Wedding Guests

*Some roles may double