Roland Comtois - Spiritual Medium

Roland Comtois - Spiritual Medium

Wed 12/20/237:30 PM


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Join Roland Comtois for a unique opportunity to witness and experience Eternal Love in action. Roland shares stories from a lifetime of spiritual communications, offers messages from your loved ones and reviews his celebrated/renowned prewritten Purple Paper messages. He may already have a prewritten message that Spirit communicated to him before walking in the door!

Don't miss this chance to peek into the life of "The Spirit's Medium," Roland Comtois, with his engaging and heart-stirring stories of afterlife communication and messages of love and healing that can ease pain from loss through the power of spiritual connections

A Marquee Room Event.

Tickets: $39

What is a Medium?
Ever wonder how mediums first recognize their gift? Or what it is like for them even as children? Roland shares his experiences.

The Gift
Is mediumship really a gift? Can the medium ever turn it off? And what are the pros and cons? Some very honest insights from Roland Comtois.