Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Red Hot Chilli Pipers

Sat 3/4/238:00 PM


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Bagpipes with attitude, drums with a Scottish accent and a show so hot, it carries its own health warning. The achievements of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers have reached incredible heights with a groundbreaking fusion of traditional Scottish music and rock/pop anthems, which the band proudly calls “bagrock.”

The Chillis have never been more in demand for their infectious style of feel good music, which appeals right across the age range to people all over the world. They have a pool of the very best musicians from Scotland and across the globe, many holding world champion titles and all serious players with impressive credentials and qualifications.

In the past 15 years, the Chillis have gained over 350,000 Facebook followers and 3.5 million views on YouTube, been awarded the UK Gold disk and three triple platinum disks for album sales and performed at private parties for Ewan McGregor, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Alex Ferguson, Her Majesty the Queen, Andy Murray and more.

There has never been anything quite like the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. Wherever you are, you are sure to have felt the Chilli heat. It’s time now to come closer to the fire.

Tickets: $26, $36, $41, $46