Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night

Thu 4/13/237:30 PM


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Join us and experience the talent our local community has to offer! From singers, musicians, and entertainers a like, the evening is filled with performances by both groups and solo artists; featuring a variety of music that spans multiple genres.

A Marquee Room event. Seating is limited.

Auditions required to participate. Auditions have closed and are no longer being accepted.
Parental discretion advised, 14+

Performing Artists - In order of appearance 
Brayden Fanti
Heidi Keith
Merynn Flynn
Roger LaCroix
Deb Aufiero
Joel Kahn “Average Joel”
Brian James
Joe Lanctot
Valentina McCarthy
The Frederick Chamberlain Band

Meet our performing artists - Coming Soon

Tickets: $31