Disney’s High School Musical Character Breakdown

Character Descriptions

Troy Bolton
East High’s “Golden Boy” is the star of the basketball team who secretly yearns to be more than what his classmates and his father expect him to be.  When he discovers his love for music, he’s ashamed to admit it at first.  Athletic, nervy, and a true leader.

Gabriella Montez
Because she’s a military brat who’s never stayed in one place very long, the new girl is generally noncommittal, and trying not to make waves at East High… until she becomes involved with Troy Bolton and the auditions for the high school musical.  Smart, soulful, and winsome, if initially stand-offish.

Chad Danforth
Troy's best friend. A star basketball player and Troy’s “second in command”. He’s extremely focused on leading the East High Wildcats to victory, but is slowly learning that there might be more to this world than just sports and winning.  Athletic, suave, tough.

Zeke Baylor
A basketball player on the Wildcats Team. He has two secrets: a major crush on Sharpay and a passion for baking. Energetic and charismatic, he’s a genuinely fun guy to have as a friend.

Sharpay Evans
The quintessential theatre kid and the egocentric leading lady of the drama club.  Appearances and popularity, along with being the star of the show, define her existence, unless she comes to grips with who she is on the inside.  Bossy, insecure, over-the-top.

Ryan Evans
Sharpay's twin and the best dancer at East High.  They're a true “star in the making”, if they ever gain the confidence to escape from life under Sharpay’s shadow.  A pushover and a sweetheart.

Taylor Mckessie
The competitive head Brainiac and President of the Science Club.  She loathes losing, enjoys gloating, and has a hidden soft spot for Chad Danforth.  Amiable, if a little bit stubborn and a lot of bit nosy.

Jack Scott
The resident P.A. Announcer for the high school.  They are shy and insecure in front of the rest of the kids, but smooth and confident behind the mic.  Known as the "Velvet Fog of East High”, Jack will develop the confidence over the course of the musical to share with the school who they are really are!

Kelsi Nielsen
The drama club's rehearsal pianist and student composer extraordinaire is East High’s resident wallflower just waiting for the right opportunity to bloom.  Kelsi must be able to play the piano.

Ms. Darbus
The fierce but eccentric Drama Club teacher. Although she’s occasionally self-absorbed, she is passionately devoted to the art of the theatre and exceptionally devoted to all of her students, even those who are not so theatrically inclined.

Coach Bolton
The stern basketball coach is also Troy's no-nonsense dad. Even though he’s blinded by the ambition for his son to succeed where he failed, deep down, he is still a good guy and proud father.

Additional roles in the play include: jocks, cheerleaders, thespians, skaters, and brainiacs.