Anything Goes Character Breakdown

RENO SWEENEY - A charismatic nightclub singer and former evangelist, she is clever, funny, persuasive and extremely confident. Strong singing and dancing required, as well as comedic timing. VOCAL RANGE: Alto/Belt.

RENO’S ANGELS – Four backup singers/dancers in Reno’s act, they are showgirls with pizzazz and personality. All roles require strong singing and dancing skills. VOCAL RANGE: Various. 

HOPE HARCOURT - A beautiful heiress with a strong sense of duty, she is willing to sacrifice love and marry to satisfy her mother’s wishes. Strong singing and dancing required. VOCAL RANGE: Soprano.

BILLY CROCKER – A young businessman who is in love with Hope, he charismatic and charming. Strong singing required and should be able to dance or move well. VOCAL RANGE: Baritone/Tenor. 

LORD EVELYN OAKLEIGH - Hope’s energetic, quirky, and good-natured aristocratic fiancé. English accent, strong singing and the ability to move well also required. VOCAL RANGE: Baritone.

EVANGELINE HARCOURT - Hope’s overbearing mother who is mainly concerned with money and social status. Sings with ensemble only.

MOONFACE MARTIN - A loveable gangster who is also loyal and willing to go the distance for a friend. Requires strong comic timing, plus the ability to sing and move well. VOCAL RANGE: Baritone.

ERMA LATOUR - A playful, independent, impulsive, and loveably clueless “dame” – a typical 20’s “gun moll” with a ‘Joisey’ accent. Strong singing and dancing. VOCAL RANGE: Mezzo/Belt.

ELISHA WHITNEY - A successful Wall Street banker who is nearsighted and thinks he is always right. Ability to move well is a plus. VOCAL RANGE: Baritone

REGINALD STRONG – Captain of the S. S. American. Ability to move well is a plus. VOCAL RANGE: Baritone.

MALE / FEMALE ENSEMBLE – Passengers, stowaways, and members of the crew of the S.S. American. All must sing and move well. Various roles will be cast from the ensemble.