Annie Character Breakdown

Character Descriptions

Annie: Orphan girl, looking for her parents, Pre-teen, strong vocal (Belt), dancing and acting.

Miss Hannigan: Orphanage matron, hates children, Adult female (any age), strong vocal and acting.

Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks: Billionaire businessman, opens his home and heart to Annie, older male adult, strong vocal (Baritone), dancing and acting. Those auditioning for Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks must be open to shaving their head. 

Grace: Warbucks’ secretary, loves Annie, female adult, strong vocal and acting.

“Rooster”: Miss Hannigan’s disreputable brother, male adult, strong vocal, dancing and acting.

Lily St. Regis: Rooster’s girlfriend, female adult, strong vocal, dancing and acting.

Molly, Pepper, Duffy, July, Tessie, Kate: Orphans with speaking parts, pre-teen girls, strong vocal, dancing and acting.

President Roosevelt: Aids in the search for Annie’s parents, older adult male, some vocal, strong acting.

Louis Brandeis: Supreme Court Justice, who aids in Annie’s adoption, older male adult, speaking part.

Bert Healy: Radio announcer, agrees to broadcast an appeal to Annie’s parents, adult male, strong vocals.

The Boylan Sisters: Trio that sings on the radio, strong vocals (harmonies).

Lt. Ward: A policeman sent to find Annie, adult, speaking part.

Drake: Warbuck’s butler and good friend, older adult, some vocal, strong acting.


Warbuck’s Mansion staff maids, cooks, servants, etc.:  older teens and any adults, vocals and dancing.

Roosevelt’s Secretaries: adult (any age), some vocals.

Orphans Girls: Pre-teen, vocals and dancing.

Citizens of NYC: All types to include “Hooverville” citizens. Adults and children, some vocals.

(Some parts may be double-cast. Some additional parts may be cast.)