A Christmas Carol Character Breakdown

Cast Requirements-- Adults: 14M, 12F; Children: 6M, 3F plus Ensemble (Doubling Possible)

The Narrators:
CHARLES DICKENS: Male. Activist and writer.

JOHN FORESTER: Male. Publisher and friend to Charles.

The Scrooges:
EBENEZER SCROOGE: Male. Scrooge is a grumpy old man who has buried a lot of memories by focusing only on his work and material success.

FRED: Male. Fred is the opposite of his uncle Scrooge— upbeat and optimistic, he celebrates his life, even though he’s not well off financially.

JANE: Female. Jane is Fred’s wife; confident and strong, a modern woman who isn’t afraid to let her voice be heard.

The Cratchit Family:
BOB CRATCHIT: Male. Bob is a good-natured and hard-working man, doing his best to stay positive while supporting a large family and working for a very difficult boss.

MRS. CRATCHIT: Female. Bob Cratchit’s supportive wife and mother to their large brood. Featured solos

TINY TIM: Male. Tiny Tim is Cratchit’s son who, despite his physical challenges, still believes in everything around him.

MARTHA CRATCHIT: Female, late teens or older. Bob Cratchit’s oldest child who has moved out but who makes it home for Christmas, knowing how important it is to the family.

BELINDA CRATCHIT: Female, pre-mid teen. Bob Cratchit’s younger daughter.

SUSAN CRATCHIT: Female, pre-mid teen. Bob Cratchit’s younger daughter.

PETER CRATCHIT: Male, early teens. Bob Cratchit’s oldest son, on the brink of adulthood but not quite there yet.

The Spirits:
JACOB MARLEY: Male. The ghost of Jacob Marley shows the tragic end of a life lived like Scrooge’s. He deals in heavy emotions at all times— anger and anguish mostly.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: Female, teens and up. The Ghost seems gentle and etherial, but her questioning of Scrooge intentionally causes him to address memories he’d be happier to push aside.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Adult. Loud and boisterous, the Ghost lives in the moment but mixes his good nature with a serious understanding of the weight of time.


FANNY: Scrooge’s Sister. Her warmth is such that she can make even Boy Scrooge’s saddest day better.

From Scrooge’s Past:
BOY EBENEZER: Male, pre-teen. Scrooge as a child is sullen and lonely, mostly content to bury himself in books rather than engage the world around him.

YOUNG EBENEZER: Male. Unlike his older self, Young Ebenezer tempers his drive to succeed with a dash of wide-eyed romance.

ISABEL: Female. Belle is the girl of Young Ebenezer’s dreams, who falls for him but is strong and independent enough to walk away when he chooses work over her.

DICK WILKINS: Male, late teen or early twenties. Young Ebenezer’s best friend, an outgoing and confident young man..

FEZZIWIG: Male. Mr. Fezziwig is a huge personality who is loved by all and who wants nothing more than to share his success with everyone around him.

MRS. FEZZIWIG: Female, 40s or older. Much like Mr. Fezziwig, Mrs. Fezziwig is a big personality who turns everything she touches into a celebration.

CECELIA FEZZIWIG: Female, older teen. Mr. Fezziwig’s daughter.

TROWELL & TIBSHELF: Females. The Collecting women are somewhat lovable fops who finish one another’s sentences and have their sales pitch down to a science.

MRS.BALDOCK: Female. Owes Scrooge a debt that she cannot pay.

CAROLINE & LUCY: Female. Jane’s sisters. Guests at Fred’s party and one object of Topper’s affections.

CHARWOMAN: Female. Scrooge’s miserable housekeeper who runs with a rougher crowd than Scrooge probably knows.

OLD JOE: Male, adult. Old Joe is a street person with a wicked sense of humor who’s not afraid to engage in some dishonest business.

LAUNDRESS: Female, adult. The female equivalent of Old Joe.

TOPPER: Male. Fred’s somewhat rowdy but entertaining friend.

TURKEY BOY/CAROLER: Male, pre-teen. A boy Scrooge meets on the street who is sent on an errand.

IGNORANCE: Boy, pre-teen. A creepy phantom of a child that torments Scrooge.

WANT: Girl, pre-teen. A waif-like child who haunts Scrooge.