26 Pebbles Character Breakdown

Character Descriptions

Jenn (35) - Mother to 6 year old son and wife to Michael. Lives in Sandy Hook.

Michael (mid 30's) - Father of 6 year old son and married to Jenn. Lives in Sandy Hook.

Carole (60) - Tough, salt of the earth human resources director of Newtown. She is "no nonsense" and has a tremendous love of her town and its constituents. She is married to Bill and mother to Sally.

Father Weiss (55) - Monsignor of the Catholic church and Christian spiritual leader to the community. A bit worn out and weary by the responsibilities thrust into his life on 12/14.

Rabbi Shaul Praver (45) - Passionate rabbi and Jewish spiritual leader to the community.

Yolie (40) -Artistic minded divorced mother of one who is passionate about her community and how they can change the future of others.

Jeriann (40) - Spiritual healer who is new to the community. Opened a healing and angel reading shop with Starr.

Starr (50) - Angel reader who is born and bred in the community and a bit quirky. She opened a healing and angel reading shop with Jeriann.

Carrie (40) - Married mother of two girls and lives in Sandy Hook.

Carla (40) - Married mother of two, retired airline pilot who lives on a farm and enjoys the simple life.

Darren (45) - Father of two boys and married to Georgia. Suffers from PTSD.

Bill (60) - Married to Carole and father to Sally. Retired blue collar worker with a salt of the earth mentality. Carole's rock.

Joe (35) - Former art teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Chris (40) - Works in city hall and oversaw the collection of gifts after 12/14. A straight talking and "no nonsense" guy.

Mike (35) - Blue collar construction worker and contractor born and raised in Sandy Hook.

Sally (35) - Hometown girl who loves her community. Daughter of Carole and Bill.

Georgia (40) - Australian born mother of two boys and married to Darren. Newtown is the first home she's made in the US with her family.

Kat (45) - Former factory worker now turned volunteer of incoming gifts to the town. Gravely voiced and tough on the outside but a heart of gold, hug loving person on the inside.

Julie (40) - Married mother of two. Lives in Sandy Hook.