12 Angry Jurors Character Breakdown

Character Descriptions

FOREPERSON: 30-40: Impressed with the authority they have been given; handles themselves formally; petty
JUROR NO. TWO: 30-50: meek; hesitant; have no opinions of their own; easily swayed; usually agrees with the last person who spoke
JUROR NO. THREE: 45-55: strong; very opnionated; no sense of humor; does not listen to another side of the story
JUROR NO. FOUR: 30-50: comes from money; well spoken; small God complex; all about the facts
JUROR NO. FIVE: 20s: Greener in life; naive; takes juror job very seriously; intimidated by authority; difficult time speaking up
JUROR NO. SIX: 30-50: not too bright; no positive opinions; needs to be spoonfed information to understand
JUROR NO. SEVEN: 30-40: intrusive; brash; wants to "wrap this up"; agitated easily; no basis in arguments
JUROR NO. EIGHT: 30s: thoughtful; gentle; looks at all information, from both sides, fairly; seeker of the truth; compassion
JUROR NO. NINE: 60-80: seen a lot of life; self-aware; finally gaining some courage in their later years
JUROR NO. TEN: 40-50: bigot; very opinionated; loud; coward; angry at someone
JUROR NO. ELEVEN: 30-40: refugee; humble; slightly ashamed;
JUROR NO. TWELVE: 30-40: numbers oriented; doesn't pick up on social ques; snobby but trying to understand