Message from the President, Daniel Peloquin

Daniel Peloquin, President, Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre

It was just an idea from one person, Francis Lanctot. Francis asked if the Stadium Theatre could be saved, restored, and Woonsocket entertainment be brought back to what it once was in its early days.

My journey started when I saw an article in the Woonsocket Call in 1992 asking for people to join a small group known as the “Save our Stadium” committee. There were no funds, but they had an idea, and many suggestions about was needed to accomplish it. Being an architect and a lifelong Woonsocket resident, I offered my professional services to make that idea a reality.

Little did we know what was on the horizon, it was much more than restoration of the historic structure. It was bringing life back to Main Street, it was the beginning of a new family and it was also the beginning of theatre education programs for youth. Over the years, our original vision for the Stadium Theatre has been surpassed through the generosity, dedication and hard work of many individuals, companies and government grants.

There’s a saying… “Businesses don’t succeed, people do.” It’s the dedication of our staff, Board of Directors and hundreds of volunteers that make the Stadium Theatre a success.

Remember, it was just an idea by one individual that created what you see today and what they saw in 1926. An idea is a fragile thing, turning it off is much easier than keeping it lit. We’re thankful for those who keep the Stadium’s light glowing.

It is a pleasure and an honor to work and serve with so many dedicated volunteers, staff and patrons.

I hope you enjoy your experience at the Stadium.

Daniel Peloquin
President, Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre