Message from the President, Armand R. Desmarais

Armand Desmarais, President, Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre

It may be perceived that the pleasure derived from coming to the Stadium is mainly for patrons. For me this is not the case. I have been associated with the Stadium for almost eight years. My wife and I volunteer in many capacities. It has made such a positive impact in my life and I wish I would have become involved sooner. The comradery and passion of the volunteers, staff and even the vendors is exciting. When one enters the doors of the Stadium, for a little while, troubles are left behind. The Stadium is the place that has built many fond memories and where many more will be made.

The Stadium has become a community hub and gathering place. It is more than an entertainment venue and learning center, it is a place that is cherished by thousands for all that it represents. A by-product of our efforts is that we have been identified as the lead economic engine on Main Street and Woonsocket, in which we take great pride.

It is a difficult task bringing in affordable events and programs that entice and excite. We are fortunate for the individuals, businesses, and grant foundations who continue to back the Theatre’s operations and the ongoing renovations of the Conservatory. We are grateful for their support and ask you to consider those businesses first, as you shop for goods and services.

We hope you agree, the role we play in the community is vital. There are so many sensational plans for the future and we hope that you will consider becoming more involved.

I look forward to seeing you at the Stadium,

Armand R. Desmarais
President, Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Centre