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New Shanghai Circus

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Sun 6/182:00 PMGET TICKETS
Sun 6/187:30 PMGET TICKETS

These astonishing athletes defy gravity and execute breathtaking feats, stretching the limits of human ability in this spellbinding show. Fearless performers with boundless energy will bring more than two thousand years of Chinese circus tradition to Rhode Island. With unshakeable determination, they’ll try any stunt if it’s humanly possible… and even if it’s not!

"Fans of circus of any sort are bound to appreciate the young women spinning six plates at a time atop sticks, while one of their number goes through amazing contortions without ever dropping a dish.  And what about the woman who stacks chair atop chair on a fragile foundation of four vases atop a table, and makes her way acrobatically to the pinnacle of this rickety structure?  Or the young man who juggles a huge jar, usually using only his back or shoulders, and catching it on edge atop his head? Or the young man who builds an absolutely ungainly structure of more than 20 wooden benches and balances them on his head? What is the secret of the young woman who manages to lie horizontally with no apparent support but the point of a sword placed against the back of her neck?

And let no one overlook an act called the nose balance, on which a young woman balances a glass of water on her nose, covers it with a glass plate, adds four small glasses, covers them with a plate and proceeds to build a lofty, glassy structure before beginning a series of acrobatic moves and then walking across a bridge of light bulbs.

Confronted by feats like this, onlookers can catch their breath while witnessing a very funny knife-throwing act and soothing eye and ear with the consistently artful costumes, atmospheric lighting and music.” 

– The New York Times

Tickets: $21, $29, $36

Children under the age of two are not permitted.